Busch Genuine High Performance Vanes

Equip your Seco rotary vane vacuum pump with the new Busch Aerodur 274 Zirkon high performance vanes.

Improved Performance, Increased Uptime and Reduced Operating Costs – Seco Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps and Compressors with New High Performance Vanes.

Profit from the advantages:

Reduced cost of operation
Very high uptime with stable performance over time
Extremely resistant to wear and humidity
Best price-performance ratio
Worldwide distribution and support

Aerodur 274 Zirkon rotary vanes have been rigorously tested under worst conditions and used over a long period of time in the field. Customer feedback and measurement data shows that the Aerodur 274 Zirkon rotary vanes have a lifetime that is at least three times longer than earlier Busch vanes and the standard vanes of competitors.

Aerodur 274 Zirkon rotary vanes offer greater performance stability, longer lifetime and lower operating costs than conventional vanes.

High resistance to moisture makes Aerodur 274 Zirkon rotary vanes especially suitable for humid environments.

Seco SV, SD and DC series types with a nominal pumping speed of 10 m3/h to 40 m3/h are now equipped with Aerodur 274 Zirkon rotary vanes.

Aerodur 274 Zirkon rotary vanes can also be retrofitted to operating Seco vacuum pumps (10-40m3/h C versions). Ask for the Seco Genuine Spare Parts service kit.

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